Member Testimonials

Mark from Florida says:

ICMA the organization for the future! 

There are many organizations an ordained minister can associate with. Some are legit and some are cash profit organizations with no real emphasis but to pay dues and renew a card/certificate. Not so with ICMA. 

They are a God fearing, Christ centered, organization that not only holds its ministers in high regard but it also has the world at large as their focus. The salvation of mankind and the equipping of the saints is high priority here at the ICMA. Members have 24/7 access to a prayer line, a mentoring program, an educational department and a leadership that wants to see your gifts and talents for the Kingdom maximized. Everything from regional meetings to face to face fellowship through Skype makes this ministry intimate and personal.

The ICMA is a ministry that not only wants to meet the spiritual needs of people but also desires to meet the physical needs as well. Through food banks, clothing drives and even drilling water wells to those communities with no drinking water.Yes, if you have been looking to make an impact for Jesus Christ not just where you live but abroad the ICMA is an organization you need to prayerfully consider joining.

 Our president Pastor Jeff Godsey is a mighty man of God with a vision that glorifies Jesus Christ. For all these reasons and many more I have chosen ICMA to not only grow as a minister but to impact my world for Jesus Christ! 

Pastor Tim from Pennsylvania writes:

I belonged to another online Ministry that was offering ordination. I was ordained and started my Christian service. The problem was I felt as if I was all alone. I was out there floundering and had no sounding board to help guide me when I was having difficulty. It was a very stressful time.

The Good Lord had directed me to contact Jeff Godsey who is a very spiritual and holy man that was able to help me battle some of my problems and I wasn’t even a member yet. He had folks praying for me and praying that I would overcome my problems during my times of tribulation.

I felt welcomed and warm and my spirit soared when he would help me with different questions that I had. Sometimes they were simple questions that I knew the answers but needed reassurance. The other times there were some very difficult problems that needed intervention. I knew that this ministry organization was one I needed to belong to. The International Christian Ministers Association was formed because they understand that we, as ministers, need this guidance and direction while we are working to serve Jesus Christ. They are not going to just say thank you for the money now go away. I know personally that the organizers are very spiritual Pastors and very blessed. You can rest assured that these people of God are very open and honest people that will help strengthen your faith when you need them. 

From Naomi in Arizona Says

Five Stars!

Wow!! What a Holy Spirit inspired ministry!  Spirit led and anointed by Almighty God! Hallelujah!!!

Wm. McPherson From Philly Says

The ICMA is a Great God loving ministry. Prayerfully administered by Pastor Jeff and his loving wife, Lisa, who always seek the wisdom of God...

Simon from South Africa Says

5 Stars

Praise God! Can't wait to be a part of this Spirit-Filled group.  The leadership team is awesome!

Emma From North Dakota Says

Give these guys 5 out of 5 Stars:

Needed prayer and their team went to work. We felt the Spirit move as one of the leaders prayed. Then they called to follow-up.  Awesome!