Meet our Team

Pastor Jeff Godsey, President /

For over 30 years Jeff has ministered to people through music and teaching. At 14 he was asked to lead the worship team and choir for First Church of the Nazarene in Augusta, GA.

Later he was able to sing with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith on Christian campuses in Nashville. He attended Trevecca Nazarene College (now University) in Nashville but graduated from Vanderbilt University.

After college he focused on his main field of study, which was Sports Medicine, and became a nationally recognized speaker in the health club industry. But he never forgot his roots and continued to work with churches, youth groups, Bill Gothard’s Institute on Basic Youth Conflicts, and Campus Crusade for Christ.

In 2007 Jeff and his wife, Lisa, founded Operation Turn-Around Ministries in Greenville, SC.

In 2009 he was asked to be on the Advisory Counsel for Living Truth an organization to help organize small groups out of indigenous ministries in persecuted countries like Pakistan, and India, and parts of Africa. Later that year he joined the National Association of Christian Ministers. 

Jeff and Lisa developed a homeless response team called HRT Upstate. HRT Upstate fed more than 3000 meals per quarter to the homeless and shut-ins. It closed in 2015. 

During his affiliation with the National Association of Christian Ministers he counseled and prayed with ministers via the prayer line and was directly responsible for ordaining and credentialing ministers. 

In 2016 Jeff was asked to join in the creation of the International Christian Ministers Association and to hold the position of President of the organization.  

Pastor Lisa Godsey, Co-President, Director of Homeless Ministries /


Lisa Godsey has always had a heart to help those in need.  At an early age she was active in her church.

In 1999 Lisa and Jeff began their journey of life together.  They helped many homeless men and women get off the streets.  Many which they brought into their home to live with them until they were ready to move on.

Lisa played an integral part of Operation Turn-Around and HRT Upstate (two ministries formed by the Godsey’s).

In 2014 Lisa accepted the call and became an ordained minister working side-by-side with Jeff in ministry. 

Lisa is also the ICMA's Director of Homeless Ministries.  She has a heart for the disenfranchised and outcasts of society and feels that God has called her to homeless ministry. 

Pastor Mary Mackey, Vice-President /


Mary knew that she was called to ministry at an early age. At the age of four she received her first vision. She saw herself in a silken robe with arms outstretched pleading to her audience; “Won’t you meet my Jesus? Won’t you experience His great love?” The audience was compelled to come to the altar for healing, saved and slain in the spirit.

After several “God Encounters” the Lord led Mary to an Apostolic Christian Church where she received healing, she became filled with the Holy Spirit and was baptized.Mary became a Sunday school teacher, a youth leader, led vacation Bible school, wrote and directed Christmas programs, she was a choir member, a soloist and then a preacher one Sunday a month. She has been on several mission trips to Mexico working with orphanages.

Mary has been involved in several churches and ministries in her adopted state of Arizona. God has given her many gifts; healing, prophecy, words of knowledge and deliverance.

She is the vice president of For Their Tears Hope Project and the President of Hope Springs to Life Ranch, a non-profit, equine and canine rescue which provides equine and canine therapies to trauma victims, challenged individuals and Phoenix Inner City Kids.

In 2016, Mary was invited to be on the ICMA Board of Directors, with her talent and leadership skills she was asked to step into the Vice-President spot.

Pastor Tim Slutter, Sr., Board of Directors /


Pastor Tim is a recent  addition to our staff.  Tim grew up in a small town in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  He has a degree in Elementary Education with a concentration on Art.  

He went on to teach Special Education with the severely emotionally disturbed. Later his focus was on a dual diagnosis program for teenagers with Drug and Alcohol addiction and psychiatric disorders. Later he worked in the hospital interviewing D&A and Psych patients to get them the help they needed.

Tim suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in a major accident which left him incapacitated for four years. God had plans for Tim.

He became a Eucharistic Minister and worked in an assisted living center but Tim wanted to do more. He became ordained by another organization but felt "alone" in his ministry. There was no support team in place.

The Holy Spirit intervened and Tim was introduced to Pastor Jeff Godsey with the ICMA. The two became quick friends and Tim was helped in the development of his Chaplain duties and now feels led to branch out. 

Tim has been asked to be on the Board of Directors and will be an integral part of our team.

Tim and his wife, Patty, live in Pennsylvania. 

Chaplain Patrick Hodynski, Board of Directors /


Patrick comes to the ICMA with an extensive knowledge base of inner-city ministry. He is the President of F.O.R.C.E. (Friends Offering Respectful Community Empowerment) in Philadelphia, PA a street ministry that reaches people in need where they are…in the streets. Patrick is a commissioned Chaplain Officer with the Christian Chaplain’s Alliance. 

He grew up in Kensington a section of Philadelphia known for drugs and gang affiliations. He was no stranger to the life. Patrick was addicted to drugs and battled that addiction for 30 years. He served time in prison but used his time wisely. He took the opportunity to learn new trades and get secondary education. He was a member of the Prayer Committee. Completed Seminary training courses in Biblical Studies and Systematic and Reformed Theology. He became an ordained minister shortly after his sentence was completed.

Patrick is married and is a proud father and grandfather. He volunteers with an addictions recovery program and seeks out other ways to volunteer in his community. To quote President Jimmy Carter, Patrick says, “My faith drives me to do what I can, for who I can, with what I have, wherever I am, for as long as I can.”

We welcome Chaplain T. Patrick Hodynski to our Board of Directors.


Pastor Doc Dalton, Board of Directors /


A recent addition to our staff, Doc has lived his entire life in North Jersey.

He is the former host of the Outlaws 4 Christ Radio Show and Outlaws 4 Christ Talk Show. He was also the host of the children’s cable show, “Body Slam on Drugs” A show geared toward the youth to help educate them on the dangers of drug & Alcohol abuse. This show was produced in association with a North Jersey Police Department and aired for a little over 3 years. This show received countless letters of support from such people as Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Prosecutors, Police and Schools.  

During this time, Doc started to suffer from depression which got so bad he walked a way from every production and was eventually hospitalized for depression and for being suicidal. While in the hospital a doctor suggested to Doc that he try his hand at writing poetry and to his surprise, all his poems is what he now calls, God’s poems. This was the start of his change and his walk toward the Lord. With close to 150 poems later, Doc still writes today and has been published nationally and recently produced a number of lyric videos with his words.

Doc also was diagnosed 10 years ago with the disease Sarcoidosis and learned one of the side effects is depressions.  

Today, Doc Dalton is the bridge that brings people who feel they don’t belong, aren’t good enough, scared and don’t understand, to make that first step to the Lord and he lets them know that there isn’t any such thing as not being good enough, or that they can’t belong. It all starts from the heart and the simple asking of the Lord to come in to your life, in to your heart and to walk with you throughout your days. Just Pray and just ask claims Doc, and he will hear you. He may not come when you want him to, but make no mistake about it, he always comes on time.

That’s why we call Doc Dalton the Pastor of Prayer because he truly believes that Prayer is the greatest gift you can give someone because you are asking the Lord to protect someone, walk with someone, Love someone and Show someone the way, while never asking for anything in return.

Now Doc is part of the ICMA and will be Praying for you.