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Joining our Team

The ICMA is looking worldwide for people who are willing to join us on our mission. What are we looking for?  People who are unafraid to step out in faith. 

Not every pastor in the ICMA is a graduate of seminary.  Most do not hold a Doctorate and that's okay!  

By joining the ICMA our members become united on a journey that many people are unwilling to take.  



1. You must agree with the Statement of Faith of the International Christian Ministers Association, LLC.

2. You must agree to support the International Christian Ministers Association, LLC by purchasing your credentials and agree to a form of financial contribution.

3. Submit a monthly report clearly stating the number of people ministered to and the number of decisions for Jesus Christ.

4. Agree to pray for missions as well as a promise to support missions work monthly either through tithes or offerings.

5. You must agree to study the Bible. If necessary, we can offer materials to help you.

Please read the ICMA Statement of Faith. Upon reading, please click the button marked “I Agree” before continuing any further.

We Want You!

Join Us

The process to join us is simple. Simply read the ICMA Statement of Faith and agree with it. It is our Mission Statement.  Then download the application and submit it to us.

Order your Credentials

Once, approved you'll need to order your credentials.  Credentials are issued annually.  You can choose one of two ways to order.  You can pay for your credentials individually (which will be more expensive) or you can order them in the annual bundle for $100 (definitely less expensive).  

You're All Set

Once you have received your credentials you're all set.  But remember you are never alone.  Our team is here to help you through training, prayer covering and fellowship.

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