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“In the busy world we live, it is easy to forget the true purpose that God has for every believer; to go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’” (Matthew 28:19). 

Even with the phenomenal opportunities we have to spread the gospel today, much of the world still waits for the good news of Jesus. How do we do this:

1. Invite stateside missionaries to speak to the church. Nothing speaks to churches quite like a "real live" missionary does, and the time set aside for a missionary speaker is time well spent. Contact any missions agency to find the names of missionaries now on stateside assignment.
2. Challenge church members to pray daily for missionaries. Provide a list of names and needs, being careful to protect missionaries who serve in sensitive areas.
3. Sponsor a short-term mission trip for your church members. Teaching about missions is a starting point, but actually experiencing missions can be life-changing. Set a goal to send at least 10 percent of your church's active attendees on a mission trip this year. Be sure to commission your members as missionaries as you send them out.

4. Pray corporately that God will call some of your church's members to be career missionaries. Perhaps he will use some of your members to take the gospel where it has never been.

5. Ask God to give you a heart for the world. I have seen entire churches burdened about the Great Commission after God moved first in the life of only one church member. Passionate, mission-minded church members are difficult to ignore!
6. Teach about missions. Train children, youth, and adults about the significance of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Use every opportunity to show why every follower of Christ should be concerned about missions.
7. Promote, promote, and promote again any missions offering that your church supports. Challenge your members to give sacrificially. For example, encourage them to give to missions at least a tithe of what they spend on Christmas gifts this year.


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The ICMA is focused on making a global impact for the Kingdom. Our goal is to ordain thousands of ministers to achieve this goal.

Our president received a vision in 2017 for a "Great Awakening" that is going to happen in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, India, Pakistan and the whole of Africa. 

You can be a part of this movement by joining the ICMA today!


Noah Kalulu

Noah is one of the ICMA's Elders in Uganda. He pastors a church and runs a school.  Recently he, and his wife, took in 45 children that were orphaned to raise in a Christian environment.

We've asked Noah to send some of the artwork and crafts made by the children at the school. We will be posting photos soon! 

Edward Scott Kies

Ed is a truly exciting man of God that loves to share the Gospel. He incorporates humor and fun wherever he goes. 

He has gone on three mission trips to India in the past two years and has a heart for the people of India. 

Ed also creates a daily video to encourage others to realize their God given potential.

Kranthipaul Somavarpu aka (Pastor KP)

Pastor KP is one of the ICMA's Elders in India. KP is truly working on fulfilling the Great Commission. 

KP conducts pastor training conferences  all over India. He will ride a train for 20 hours in the blistering heat just to share the Gospel. 



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